Christian Advisory Board (CAB)

This unique board is designed to offer major support for all ventures that Inspired Productions will be involved in. This group is made up of individuals that have dedicated their lives to Christ and to further the Gospel. They come from business and ministry backgrounds.

First and foremost the board is designed to pray for the company, its shows, staff, crew and cast. This business adventure needs a prayer covering and prayer warriors to succeed. The first TV Show USCG Aux-Station Lake Tahoe is designed to go to the heart of worldly issues with answers from the Word of God. The episodes are designed to have scriptural truth and integrity that come into conflict with a worldly life style. The program will show the Love of God foremost and provide answers to save people’s lives, but it will also be unwaivering, to the point, and truthful.

The company’s desire is that this team of God Inspired individuals will help in accomplishing the tasks taken on by Inspired Productions. Their intricate involvement in the show’s episodes and knowledge of scriptural accuracy will be put to task. Along with being an oversight ministry that helps maintain biblical and spiritual accuracy in the shows, the team of Christian Advisors provides oversight to help the corporation maintain integrity and honesty in its business practices.

Time involvement for the board will vary, but structurally it will require several hours per month of virtual meetings and familiarizing oneself with each screenplay. Discussion of each episodes Biblical and Scriptural use will be needed before shows go to filming. Along with the episodes plot and ministries highlighted, the board will provide input for the script editing process and help in the development of each show’s bible study component.


The current group of Board Members is as follows:

The board is currently looking for Ministers, Clergy, Business Owners, Professionals, and Bible believing Christians to join CAB.

Click the button below to contact us about being part of CAB.

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