Episodes - Season One


With a storyline that is based around characters in scenic Lake Tahoe, and specifically the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary located at Lake Tahoe, there will be no shortage of excitement. 

Episodes of the show will be 50 minutes long, and currently 6 episodes are in planning stages.


Episode 1 - “Covering of Protection”

       A story on God’s intervention into the world of human trafficking.


Episode 2 - “Aasia's Story”

       The religious ideology of Islam meets the love of Jesus in a young woman’s life.


Episode 3 - “Adopted children of God”

       The truth of abortion and God moving in Christian adoption agencies.


Episode 4 - “Heaven and Earth Created”

       God's Creation, man's imitation.


Episode 5 - “Forgotten Warriors”

        A story on our wounded veterans and outreach ministries


Episode 6 - “Broken Covenants”

        The blessings of following God's purpose for your life.



With the production of this series, there will be great opportunity for spotlighting ministries, specific biblical principals, moral and social issues, and more.  This show will CHALLENGE people to follow Christ in a powerful and dynamic way.

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